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CEMATRIX Cellular Concrete Solutions

CEMATRIX offers cost-effective, innovative products to satisfy construction problems. Lightweight cellular concrete product offers superior thermal protection and support for hot oil tanks; thermal protection for shallow buried utility lines; bedding and support of buried pipelines; thermal protection of frost-heave susceptible soils under roadways; alternative roadbed support over weak soils; void fill under floor slabs, or roadways; thermal protection of perma-frost; abandoned pipe grouting; grouting of annular space between the casing and pipe; and lightweight back fill for retaining walls and bridge abutments.

CEMATRIX provides cellular concrete product for many applications in Oilsands, Oil and Gas facilities, and Infrastructure projects throughout North America by utilizing CEMATRIX’s production units.

CEMATRIX mobile production units can satisfy small or large project requirements and will produce from 20 to 150 cubic metres per hour of cellular concrete. The mobile aspects of this equipment allow rapid response to the changing demands and schedules of the construction industry.

2015 Annual Report

Latest News

March 03 2016
CEMATRIX Corporation Announces Record Year Ended Results

February 29 2016
CEMATRIX Corporation Announces the Signing of $2,000,000 Bank Loan Commitment Letter with the Canadian Western Bank

February 09 2016
CEMATRIX Corporation Secures $1.6 Million in New Contracts for 2016

January 14 2016
CEMATRIX Corporation Exceeds $15 Million in Sales for 2015

Testimonials & Media

"To date the road has held up extremely well and the City (of Yellowknife) considers the project and solution a complete success."